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At Espace Weisshorn, our commitment to the region and tradition goes beyond words.

Our passion for the area doesn’t stop at labels – it is reflected in every aspect of our menu. From the wild berries we transform into home-made preserves to the aromatic herbs collected on trips to the mountains, each ingredient is proof of our love for authentic produce.

We also choose our suppliers with great care, favouring artisanry and local sourcing. In fact, the majority of our partners are located within 150 km, ensuring freshness and helping to support local communities.

We are looking forward to sharing this unique culinary experience so deeply rooted in our heritage and values with you.



Reservation required

Salad with roasted quail fillet, toast with a poultry liver mousse

pan fried pear & homemade vinaigrette sauce

CHF 29.-

Poached egg with a local cheese emulsion

diced bacon & onions

CHF 25.-

Brick pastry pyramid stuffed with vegetables,

tarragon sauce and hazel nuts emulsion

CHF 27.-

Mixture of several green salads

seasoned with honey & raspberry vinegar

CHF 14.-

LOË Perch filet

smoked eel fillet & snails in a tempura way, sauerkraut and horseradisch sauce

CHF 45.-

Stewed cereals

(quinoa, brown rice, barley, buckwheat) with mushrooms, vegetables and a vegetable stock

CHF 38.-

Slow cooked veal cheek

with a Swiss chard stuffing, creamy polenta and veal gravy

CHF 56.-

Pork chop from St Gall

homemade mashed potatoes and a boletus mushroom sauce

CHF 46.-

Small square pasta with various stuffing,

Prix selon ardoise

Pour les petits jusqu'à 12 ans

Pasta with tomato sauce

Pasta with tomato sauce & beef balls

Homemade chicken nuggets

Pizza Marghertia portion enfant

Menu : Syrup 2 dl & Pasta & Ice cream push up Haribo

CHF 14.-

CHF 16.-

CHF 18.-

CHF 18.-

CHF 18.-


Tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarellaolive oil, basil

CHF 25.-


Tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, cooked ham, fresh Paris mushrooms, olives, basil oil

CHF 28.-


Cream, fior di latte mozzarella, stracciatella, spicy italian sausage, pecorino cheese

CHF 27.-


Ricotta & aromatic herbs, fior di latte mozzarella, mushrooms, marinated shimeji, parmesan cheese, chervil

CHF 28.-


Cream, fior di latte mozzarella, Saint-Marcellin cheese, diced bacon, fresh chives

CHF 32.-


Tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, dried meat & cheese from Anniviers, rocket salad

CHF 30.-

Quatre fromages

Tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, Blue cheese, raclette cheese, reblochon de Moudon

CHF 28.-

CHF 1.5 per additional ingredient

Gluten-free pizzas: CHF 3 extra

Small choux : juniper & blackcurrant flavors

CHF 15.-

A chocolate & pine tree flavoured dessert

CHF 16.-

Honey dessert

CHF 15.-

Chocolate sorbet sprinkled with a traditional woodruff liquor

CHF 14.-

Raspberry sorbet sprinkled with a raspberry liquor from Morand

CHF 14.-

If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please speak to our staff, who will be happy to tell you more about the ingredients we use in our dishes.

Where our ingredients come from :

Pike-perch – the Alps; pork – St. Gallen; dried meat and ham – Anniviers; raclette cheese – Anniviers; Reblochon – Moudon; various cheeses – Luisier affineur; vinegars – Vom Fass, Lucerne; AOP liqueurs – Morand, Martigny

Premium produce from suppliers carefully selected in accordance with the strictest criteria. The ideal production area, optimal crop monitoring, use of natural processes, harvesting and processing methods which preserve the quality of the products and storage fitting the nature of the products ensure the extraordinary taste of our vinegars and oils.


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